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Sondra Bernstein, renowned in Sonoma for her culinary ventures, has added back “artist” to her resume and in the past few years has embarked on a remarkable journey as a digital artist, embracing the world of AI and the metaverse. Known in the art community as 4everKurious, Bernstein is showcasing her lifelong passion for creativity and innovation in a completely new light.


After a successful 35-year tenure in the hospitality industry, Bernstein has reconnected with her roots in fine arts photography, a field in which she holds a bachelor’s degree. This transition marks a significant shift from her role as the proprietor of the girl & the fig, the fig café & winebar, and other ventures, to a focus on digital and AI-driven art. Bernstein’s exploration into the digital art realm is not just a personal pursuit but a collective journey as well.


She is a founding member and curator for an international art collective known as SearchLight, a platform that shines a spotlight on unseen artists. In addition to her curatorial role, Bernstein is a prolific creator and collector, contributing to and advocating for the growing field of AI art. Her work in the metaverse, particularly as a metaverse architect and builder for VOXELS, positions her at the forefront of digital space creation. Bernstein’s art is a dynamic blend of her original photography and AI enhancements, reflecting a unique collaboration between human creativity and machine intelligence. This synergy of technology and artistry is evident in her diverse array of works, from whimsical interpretations of favorite bedtime stories to abstract pieces inspired by the essence of Sonoma.


In January 2023, Bernstein took on the role of resident artist at the girl & the fig, transforming the space into a gallery where her digital art is displayed year-round. A generous portion of the proceeds from her art sales is dedicated to supporting the Sonoma FIG Foundation, underscoring her commitment to giving back to the community that has been an integral part of her journey.


Bernstein’s work is a testament to the evolving landscape of art in the digital age, challenging conventional notions and embracing new technologies. Her journey is a vivid example of lifelong learning and adaptation, proving that creativity knows no bounds.

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