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Accelerate ART, CONTINUUM, Valencia, Spain
St Jude Charity Auction
Meta Betties Mind Matters, Oculus, NY
NFT Bali, TezTown, SSS Gallery
NFC Conference, Lisbon
ArtBeat, #AOTC, Lisbon
Circus Phygital Exhibition, Lisbon 
​Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Architecture & Time Exhibition, Foundation
A JPEG Called Desire, MintGoldDust 
NFTNYC Community Artist Showcase, NY
tech culture, NFTNYC, Storytime Dao, NY 
The Crypt Gallery, NYC + LA
The Digital Easel - Issue 17, 19
Made by Machines - BananaConf, Tallinn
Women of Vision - Together We Rise
Evolution of AI ART, VAVORTEX 
the girl & the fig - New Work
Empowered Women,Loupe Art
World of Women Gala,
ParisAREA15, Las Vegas

Out of the Blue, Curation and Build
ChromaFlora, Lisbon, Portugal
Stratosphere, Miami
ArtCrush, New York, NY
Anna Condo World, Foundation
Obscura Community Spotlight No. 6
Evolution of AI Art
Out of Bounds, MakersPlace, Open Call Winner
Korea Blockchain Week and BREATHE! 2023
The Future of Tradition 전통의 미래 Korea
LUME Studios, NYC
ASK, Art Society of Kingston, New York
The NFT Factory Paris
Zero14 Gallery, Brazil
NFC Summit 23, Lisbon
The NFT Factory Paris - McDo MEME
Storytime DAO + Illust Streetwalk, NYC
Guerrilla Gallery, NYC
<imnot> Chicago
Tez Art Connect, NYC
A New Way to See Dreams, Artsies, MONA
The NFT Factory Paris
States of the M3taverse, VOXELS
ETH Denver
NFT Paris 
The NFT Factory Paris
the girl & the fig, Sonoma, CA
Meet the Metaverse - OSHI Gallery, Melbourne
CADAF Crypto & Digital Art Fair, NYC
Cr3ativeX Athenaeum San Diego AR
Showcase / Web3SD 2022
Machine Dialogues,
Temporal Vision - NY Times Square
Time / Rug Radio Photography Exhibit, NYC
Stratosphere - NY - 2022
FigureGlyphs, Voxels
Gender Equality - DoinGud, WOCA
We The Women Exhibition -

Through the Lens - Miami
Mask Ephemera - NYC
Meta Menagerie - NYC
Stratosphere - Beijing


Below is a list of exhibits and events that my work has been shown since starting in the WEB3, Digital Art, NFT scene.
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