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Interview on The Digital Easel by Rikkar

As you may know, we are inundated with newsletters, podcasts and social media feeds. It's hard to decide what you are willing to give your time to. In weeding through so much content, I am trying to focus on the media that I find most inspirational and filled with real information and not just THE NOISE.

Not just because I have been featured in this newsletter, but I have found that The Digital Easel is one of the best newsletters I have read recently. Rikkar includes an intro, an in-depth artist spotlight, collectors corner, artist highlights and a personal conclusion. A true combination of information with a truly personal touch. This was just started towards the end of November, 2023 and it is amazing considering how much detail goes into each issue!

Some of the artists that have been spotlighted includes Edward Hopper, Max Ernst, the latest issue features Basquiat.

One of the things I hear a lot from fellow artists in the AI space is that since they discovered this technology they've had a thirst for learning more about the rich history of art. So I'm starting a weekly newsletter, The Digital Easel! I'm not trained in art history, but I love to learn and like to write so I wanted to share the learning journey. -- RIKKAR

I only found out about the newsletter because of a tag on X (formerly known as twitter). I was included in the Collector's Corner. in Issue 17 and was interviewed by Rikkar in Issue 19. It was interesting for me to do an interview that was about my art and my process rather than about all of the subjects I have been interviewed about during my active years in the restaurant business. Some parts of this felt more vulnerable when answering.

My process continues to evolve. Currently I use my photography as a layer in the work, I feel that other than my words, I can include something tangible that no one else had a part in. These are not obvious and many times they are photograph of a texture or a color or a corner of something that made for an interesting composition. Experimenting with so many different platforms that started from apps on my phone - everything changed when I got access to Midjourney. You could say that the flood gates or the rabbit hole happened. I can vividly see the evolution in my art as well. For as long as Midjourney has been having their office hours on discord, I have tried to set aside the time to listen to the founders objectives and hear how other creators are using the platform. I feel that I have an insider's view of what is coming. It happened all over again with Emergent Properties, and I spend a lot of time creating collections there. -- Sondra/4everKurious.

Super grateful for the inclusion in something that I truly respect and a newsletter I look forward to reading. I hope you squeeze in some time to take a look at the issues, you will most definitely learn something new.

Below is a piece of one of Rikkar's art that I have included in my collection. It was a free mint and once again Rikkar shows generosity in all they do!

Have a great week!!


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