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NFTme Available on Amazon Prime

Jonny Caplan was one of the first people in the space that I would listen to on Clubhouse when I was a sponge learning as much as I could. Thrilled when he announced that his company Tech Talk Media, LLC was putting together a 6 episode show explaining everything NFT.

Today it became available to watch and I hope you will. Really talks about the space in a way that is understandable, introduces you to some of the most creative in the space and hopefully will give you a nudge to get involved.

1. NFTs, Digital Art, Crypto, Opportunity & The Web 3 Community

2. Leading Creators, Digital vs Physical, NFT Events & The Metaverse

3. Branding, Interactive Art, NFT Collectibles, Galleries & Gamification

4. Digital Transformation, Social Impact, Finance, Security Tools & Diversity

5. Global Opportunities, Music, Tokenization, NFT Displays & Sovereignty

6. Virtual Events, International Creators, Utility, NFTs for All & The Future

borrowed from NFTme

"Dive down the rabbit hole into the NFT & Crypto industry, meeting influencers who tell us how it all works. Web 3.0 brings a new mindset, immense creativity, new technologies & new ways of doing business. Delve into the digital realm, experience the art, the hype, the metaverse & all the superstar creators. With Susaye Green (The Supremes), Queen Diambi (Congo), Refik Anadol, Peter Rafelson & more"

A New Amazon Series Will Explore NFT Culture – Crypto winter, be damned! Amazon Prime is planning a new documentary series called NFTMe. With a focus on 50 key pioneers within the space, from artist Refik Anadol to music producer Peter Rafelson, the six episodes will explore the cultural impact of NFTs.

Amazon's new series 'NFTMe' explores NFT culture and disruption worldwide

ENJOY - let me know what you think!!


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