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'words beyond words'

It is a privilege to have been chosen for the most recent opencall by MintGoldDust, titled , "words beyond words," which can be seen here. I have taken part in several of MintGoldDust's exhibitions, all of which are meticulously curated in a way that stimulates reflection. I submitted "The Writing is on the Wall' is a piece that continues the themes in my latest body of work called "The Art of Evolution" which is now presented in an 80-page soft covered edition.


This unique collection delves into the subversive nature of language and its ability to transcend traditional forms of expression.
From poetry to storytelling, language has evolved over centuries, pushing boundaries and inspiring new ways of creating. In this exhibition, we explore how language can lead us towards the unknown and reveal deeper truths through symbols and translations.


"The Writing is on the Wall" is a powerful visual metaphor conveying the idea that sometimes the answers we seek are right in front of us, plainly visible if only we take the time to see them. This artwork, part of the Blind Clarity/Art of Evolution concept, suggests that often, clarity and understanding do not require an exhaustive search but rather a moment of reflection on what is already present. It embodies the notion that insight and revelation can be found in the most obvious places, awaiting our recognition and comprehension.

I am surrounded by amazing artists who are excelling in the digital realm, including AI, 3D, and coding. I highly recommend checking out their work to see their innovative approaches.



(hard copy samples can be viewed at the girl & the fig in Sonoma)

Here is a glance at some of the pages:

Click on the pages to enlarge and scroll through.


If you are heading to Provence this summer -- I added a Provence travel pick page to my website - they can be found here:

Where should I go next??? Please share some of your favorite locations for my next adventure!

EMAIL these inspirations to Thanks in advance.



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