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Artist Discovery :: niceaunties

About a month ago, I kept encountering art by someone known as niceaunties on social media. In a world where much of AI art seems homogeneous, her work truly stands out. Through AI-enhanced photographs and videos, she shares her vivid imagination, drawing on her childhood and community experiences. The image below is just a tiny glimpse of her work, and I sincerely encourage you to explore what she is doing more deeply. (Links below)

Based in Singapore, artist and designer Niceaunties draws on her architectural background to create the structure and conceptual depth of her dreamlike AI art.

A few days ago, a TED talk by niceaunties was released, and I joyfully watched it twice. Although I had heard her discuss her art in various spaces and conversations on platform X, seeing and listening to her on TED provided much more insight into her journey. She describes this collection as an 'art project about aging, beauty, freedom, and fun.'

While I have only dabbled in video-generated AI and still find it challenging to learn, I greatly admire artists like niceaunties who have mastered these techniques and are achieving remarkable results. As with nearly everything in the realms of AI, crypto, and NFTs, one discovery leads to another. Through the niceaunties Auction, I was led to where I not only discovered some fantastic art and artists but also recognized a photographer that I studied years ago at the Philadelphia College of Art.

Fellowship is championing historical and contemporary artists at the cutting edge of photography, generative art, AI, and video.

I hope you will take some time for a deep dive - if you have a sense of the surreal, you will love it!



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