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Inspiration and The Road to Valencia

A chef inspired by the seasons, local farms, flavors, techniques, global awareness, and the legacy of past chefs shares a striking similarity with an artist drawing inspiration from the seasons, landscapes, colors, techniques, and the artists who came before. The parallels between chefs and artists in their quest for inspiration are remarkably similar.

AI enhances this inspiration further for me, allowing me to work on projects across various platforms. The generations and outputs from prompts and blending often encourage me to explore entirely new directions.

Between the Dunes

Recently, I submitted to an open call paying homage to the Spanish Master, Joaquin Sorolla—an artist I embarrassingly had never heard of before. In preparation for creating a piece, I delved into Sorolla's history, techniques, color palettes, and subject matter. This process wasn’t about learning to replicate his art but about finding inspiration (or not) in the tools and methods he used.

I appreciate these types of calls because they can pull me away from my current work and lead me in an entirely new direction.



self portrait

history - 1863-1923, Impressionism, natural talent, award winning, tragic end of life

techniques - quick vigorous brushstrokes, heavy-bodied acrylic paint

lighting - sunlight, reflection, bright light

color palettes - brilliant colors for landscapes, dark ambers, sienna, browns for portraits

subject matter - portraits, landscapes, seaside

Samples of Joaquin Soralla's seaside paintings


The following will show you a little bit about my process which in the end took no fewer than 450 image generations.

First Stage - PROMPTS

Creating text prompts to include words like; beach days, girlfriends on the beach, dunes, flowers, vigorous brush strokes, beach skies ...

Second Stage - Midjourney

To start my piece, I began with images that I created in early 2022 and played with different text to image prompts.

In the second stage I generated about 125 images before I started the next.


Third Stage - changed platforms to Emergent Properties

I blended the new above images with a few different series of my work (my favorite color palettes and layering) which included these:

Adding the artists name with the newly created images blended with the above: resulted in images closer to this;

Fourth Stage - Back to Midjourney

Added back these images:

To try to get closer to my final images which would blend the style of Joaquin Sorolla's brush stroke techniques with my images.


From here I have to keep generating to get the composition, the colors and style that I want to end up with. This requires a lot of adjustment within Midjourney including inpainting and changing the options within the platform.

Honored to be one of the 20 artists out of 200+ to be in this show. Represented as 4everKurious.

I hope this wasn't too confusing!!!

Happy July!


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