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Photography, Digital Art and Recipes

Many people have been wondering what am I doing with all my free time know that I have stepped back from my day to day responsibilities at the girl & the fig. To be honest the first few weeks were difficult. Some of you followed along with my daily early morning black and white photography which you can see a quick view of here:

Not only was it unique to see how Sonoma looks at 5:30 am but I was able to stay engaged, have a focus and get back to my photography.


I was also introduced to the Clubhouse App which is an audio platform where I have learned from so many - whether it be about travel, art, nfts, crypto --- and I continue to learn everyday. What has intrigued me the most has been the rising of Art NFTs on the different platforms. Definitely can't explain it all here but there are plenty of places to learn about them. If you are completely in the dark - you probably heard about this.

If you want to see some of my latest work, you can view it here.

My Artist Statement

With almost 40 years in the restaurant industry my connection to food comes in many layers. I have learned about food in culinary school, published 2 cookbooks, farmed, photographed food, delivered food to guests, fed first responders during the Sonoma wildfires and the list goes on and on. The best part of food is the eating, growing and of course the sharing with friends. With a new chapter in early 2021, I am combining my art training and passion with my passion for food in the digital age. I have been inspired by the way the NFT community has come together and shared ideas and techniques, experimentation and collaboration in the most generous ways --- almost like my experience in the restaurant industry. So with this brief explanation, my first series of digital art is a blend of my own food photographs manipulated into abstract and then brought back into focus with curated recipes from around the world surrounding the ingredients. The recipe file will be unlocked once the NFT is purchased. Fifty percent of all proceeds with be donated to several non profits that are focused on food including; CUESA, Sonoma Fig Foundation, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Ceres to name a few.

The art is offered on Opensea if you have any interest. I am still learning how to teach friends on how to set up their wallet but here is a link to learn more here.


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