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It has been a long time since I have felt the anxiety of entering my artwork in exhibits.

As much as I don't enjoy the process, I know that if I want my work to be seen, I need to take some chances and participate in both shows and social media. I got in a few and missed some others but it will not slow me down.


Last year I was honored to have my art in Times Square up on the big billboards and this year one of the exhibits I was in was a mobile one, Guerrilla Gallery (3 sides of a truck) that made 6 stops through NYC during the NFT/NYC conference. Though I didn't make it to NY this year, it was fun to see images of my pieces on the truck bopping around the city.

The top 3 images are from a series called Portraits of the kids of the Twist Theatre Troupe.

The Twist Theatre Troupe is an organization that works to provide young people with a creative outlet for self-expression. They provide teenagers and young adults with the opportunity to learn and practice the craft of theatre and acting. The program provides a safe and encouraging environment for these young people to find their voice and tell their stories. The goal is to empower these young people and to nurture their artistic potential. The troupe works with local foster homes, shelters, and other organizations to bring in young people and teach them the fundamentals of performing arts such as improvisation, monologues, sketch comedy, and more. They also provide workshops on topics such as stage makeup, scene building, and playwriting. Through this program, the Twist Theatre Troupe hopes to give these young people the confidence and skills they need to succeed, as well as a creative outlet to help them overcome whatever challenges they may be facing.

Created using midjourney forward and reverse prompts, photoshop, topaz, snapseed and me!

The following image was also in the truck show, "Isabella from Birdland" is a collaboration with my artist friend Kilsy Curiel and this was also featured at NFTParis.


During NFT/NYC my work was also featured in Tez Art Connect and my piece, 'Tangled Mess' was selected from an OpenCall about Environmental Impact. So much of my work includes a bird, a wing or a feather. This piece was also purchased from a collector that saw it in the gallery.


The following art is included in an AR show with Storytime DAO a group of artists that I participate with. The AR platform is called Illust and if you are in New York through the end of April you can see them through this app: right at the NYC address listed with each image.


I got a surprise when I saw a twitter post of a piece of my art, Feathered Moon in Chicago!


A piece from Compartmental Living was featured in a show in Paris.


Some new pictures of my art in the restaurant and an article in Social magazine.

As you know 25% of all sales of my art go to the Sonoma Fig Foundation and I was just able to send some donations to the following organizations:

  • Hanna Boys Culinary Program

  • Art Escape - art programs

  • Sonoma Plein Air - youth program

  • Boys + Girls Club - art programs


Happy Spring - thanks for following me along my art art journey.

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