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What's New

We started the new year by adding my work in the girl & the fig. After 25 years, we needed a new look, a new paint color, light fixtures and art. Julie Higgins, our long time artist resident still has her work in the fig cafe!

It was a little overwhelming to decide which collections to add, so I settled on The Book of Wings, ReImagined Nursery Rhymes, Ode to Sonoma County and Ladies of the Vines. There are a few more in each of the restrooms.

So far, the response has been great - it has been very surreal to see my art all over the walls. In total there are about 60 pieces.

The art is for sale (including shipping) in limited editions of 5, and will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

25% of all purchases will be redirected to the Sonoma Fig Foundation Fund.

You can take a look here at the work in the Exhibit Catalogue in print HERE

and in the metaverse HERE.

It does look great on the walls, so maybe it's time to visit the girl & the fig to check it out!!


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