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WIP (work in progress)

Have you heard about the Metaverse?

I have been playing on Cryptovoxels creating a metaverse version of the girl & the fig. Currently it can only be seen with a link, but once I purchase some land on Cryptovoxels, it will be surrounded by neighbors. Like any real estate purchase, It's a big commitment and not one to jump into quickly.

Some of the items in what I am calling fig.meta are very recognizable like Julie Higgins art work, "fig yellow" or the infamous bar. Building on the metaverse allows many liberties in regard to changing things around, adding new content or links - so with this in mind I added a roof top bar with a big screen for black + white movies.

For sure this is a work in progress and I love the freedom that I have in reinventing this 24 year old restaurant. If there was a scratch and sniff add on you would smell the grilled onions as you wander around the space. Who knows, maybe one day that will be a reality.


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