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Curated Galleries

In addition to creating new work, I have been obsessed with collecting other artists work. There are several virtual galleries where you can exhibit both work that you have created and collected. New gallery platforms keep popping up and I have just slowly started looking at possibilities in the metaverse.

The image above is just a view of the three exhibit spaces in this show called My NFT Journey - Creator, Collector or Curator. Images include regular image files and videos, each image will link to a place where you can see it, get more information about the artist and techniques and a place to purchase if additional editions were created and still available for sale. The artist name identified on each piece is the artist's twitter address.

Collection :: Wings This collection is inspired by the intricacies of nature and my intense curiosity of how things came to be. I am also delighted by talented wordsmiths that are able to describe my inspirations with their prose. My multimedia discovery takes me on a journey of a collaboration of sorts with the past and present. Each piece starts with a photograph of a beautiful creature found in nature (this collection focuses on wings). My digital enhancements acknowledge the mystery of nature and develop it further with my passion for color, abstract visuals and texture. The titles are in Latin to parallel scientific origin but are not insect names, more about the beauty of words.

I created this exhibit, Mostly Black & White Collection as I realized that many of the items that I have been collecting have been high contrast black and white.

This recent collection is about relieving the anxiety of flying by documenting the take-off.

View collection on Opensea.


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