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Hot off the Press

When stepping back from my restaurant operations, I was relieved to be able to pass on interviews and responses to questions to John. In the restaurant business part of the marketing strategy is to achieve as much good press, social media as you can get to get guests through the door.

In my much quieter art space, I have not publicly answered too many questions and when Michelle reached out to do a story, I had to think about it before commiting. However, Michelle's writing is lovely and I was curious how the article would turn out.

The best thing about this article was a way to share and explain what I have been doing in AI and digital art.

The article cleverly starts out like this:

(and I have to give Michelle alot of credit for working through our conversation as I talked her ears off)


1. too long; must read

a. used, especially online, to introduce a summary of a lengthy text.

b. used as a comment, usually considered a compliment, on an online post, text message, etc., that is thought to be worth reading.

There. I invented a new acronym-slang-term for a must-read that extends beyond most attention spans. This one is particularly worthwhile if you’re an AI-curious perennial who’s always seeking, always learning, always creating something positive.


So, if you are up for the task, click through to read about my transition and see a handful of my art from the Book of Wings featured throughout the article.

To read more about Michelle, visit her website and sign up for her newsletters.


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