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I went to Lisbon in June for the Non Fungible Conference which was amazing. In a very immersive experience I was able to see hundreds of artists work on very large screens. The conference was held in a historic building in Parque Eduardo VII.

The schedule was spread out over 4 stages with an exhibition floor with web3 vendors.

The energy of the group was enthusiastic and thrilled to be there sharing process and art.

I was one of 5 artists to have their art shown in the Mezzanine Gallery. There were over 1000 entries, so you can imagine I was thrilled and surprised.

Many of the speakers acknowledged the latest difficulties in the crypto/NFT art market with a sense of hope for the future. Even though it was such a quick trip I was glad to be there and to see a few friends, get a quick peek of Lisbon and a couple delicious meals.

Here are some random pictures of the conference.



Excited to participate in another show at NFT Factory in Paris.


McDo Meme was a quick quirky show at the NFT Factory Paris.

This was the call to ARTISTS --

The Bull Market is dead… long live the Bear Market!

Indeed, the current crypto art market is slowing down. Since April 23, the main NFT marketplaces such as are experiencing historical low trading volumes. And it is hard to say how long it will last.

It affects the crypto art market and puts many artists at risk. These latest are already feeling the threat and they are preparing to face hard times.

Meanwhile, there has been a running joke in the crypto community saying that if everything’s crash, we’ll end up working at McDonalds. The symbol of it, is a strong acronym ‘NGMI’ (Not Gonna Make It) as a complete opposite of ‘WGMI’ (We Gonna Make It).

At the NFT Factory, we’d like to ward off the bad luck by proposing an original exhibition dedicated to McDonalds Meme. Artists are invited to create McDonalds Meme with a listing price of 4,99 tz which match the price of a Big Mac.

By offering this exhibition, the NFT Factory wishes to continue supporting crypto artists on a long term basis. Join us and experience how the crypto community is reacting to the current market’ turmoils.

This was my piece -- NGMI Options (not gonna make it) - Scratch n Sniff.

Here are a few more from some of the other artists:


I have been working on The Anthology of The BirdKeeper's Secret Society - you can see more here

The BirdKeeper’s Secret Society is an anthology with many components to discover, including all of the generations of women, the younger BirdKeepers in training, the secret gardens where they meet, the photographers and painters that have documented these stories for centuries.

The anthology would not be complete without all of the different types of artisans; the metalworkers that create the exquisite cages, the fashion designers and seamstresses that have created the clothing and their use of silk and velvet for their garments, and the highly skilled jewelers that have designed and created the jewelry for both the women and the birds.

We cannot forget about the actual birds, the breeding of the birds, the exotic eggs, the plumage, individual feathers, and their wing spans. This anthology was born to save these special hidden stories and to chronicle what happens in the future.

I look forward to sharing these stories with you in a collaborative effort between midjourney AI stable to fusion, chatGPT and me.


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