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States of the M3taverse

Scroll through the Slideshow for some Gallery Images:

Some of the artists work that is in the show.


Some of you may know that in my WEB3 world I am an architect and builder in the Metaverse platform called VOXELS. I have been building for over 18 months and have enjoyed just about everything about it including the meditative process and especially the community. I have met some incredible creators here.

About 8 months ago I was asked to build 13 properties on Architect Island - a new island at that time and one that was being constructed by architects IRL and OG builders in the space. This was extremely daunting but of course I jumped in.

At the time my specialty in this world was building smallwares, pottery and furniture. I believed that if I made a few Home Good Stores, folks would need to purchase items to decorate their spaces if they were not interested in doing it themselves. I sold a handful of items and gave many away to friends in the space. With Architect Island, not only was I building the structure, I was also furnishing them.

One of these spaces that I built on Architect Island is on loan to



We are launching States of the M3taverse this Sunday at 6pm in VOXELS at

as well as having a Launch Party in Twitter Spaces

If you want to learn more about this Metaverse or wander around Voxels or meet the artists in the show, maybe you will join us.

States of the M3taverse and was an open call to creators to submit work that:


​Reflection on the past

What came before and what has had an impact on the development of this space?

Observation of the present.

The latest in what is relevant and happening now.

Imagination for the future.

What's next for the metaverse and how might that transform our lives?

The open call brought almost 80 works of which over 60 made the show. If you just want to see the Companion Catalogue, you can access it here:



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