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Supporting Turkey + Syria with NFTs

The artist community has a tendency to wrap their arms around disaster and devastation. This is no different in Web3 and the NFT artist community particularly the Tezos community. It was no wonder when over 500 artists jumped in to contribute their work to a fundraiser that will continue for months.

As of February 22nd, the #TezQuakeAid fundraiser has raised over 95K tez. It is exhilarating to see a community come together to assist.

Anytime there is a call for artists with a theme that I can resonate with, I am all in. So with this cause - I created the following works with 100% of the proceeds going to TezQuakeAid.

As a collector I couldn't resist going on a shopping spree for good. I have created a gallery where the work can be seen and click throughs can create sales (in tezos though).

There are many people involved in these efforts including:

Here is a great blog post to find out how you can jump in to help.

Visit twitter to see a live thread of art being contributed.

We can all make a difference. CREATE, COLLECT, CONTRIBUTE!


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