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Welcome March

Time is flying and as I was updating my website I really was surprised to see how much that I actually accomplished in February!

First off, we just changed the Bar/Lounge at the girl & the fig with some new work.

You can see the whole new collection here: NEW WORK

transparent motion
vague visibility


Thank you to all of the guests that have purchased my art from the restaurant. I was able to extend grants to Art Escape, Sonoma Arts Live, Ceres Community Project and SOS. There are so many worthy causes in Sonoma and it gives me great pleasure to contribute when I can.


The above gallery highlights a few of my pieces that have been selected for various Open Calls, Exhibits and articles. You can read more about these HERE.


I am excited to see where my art adventure continues in 2024. For now I am still diving into to some new platforms including Emergent Properties whereas this generative platform gives me the ability to create collections that change with each Mint (when collected digitally as an NFT) and the changes are based on the variables and images I enter into the system. There are many bells and whistles here that I have not quite figured out, but I am working my way there!

My work on Emergent Properties - 46 created collections as of yesterday!


Other than Emergent Properties, I have added a page on my website called Platforms showing where my work is visible. They all have a different purpose for me whether it is a marketplace, a platform to trade art with other artists or sharing art and amplifying other artists work.

You can click through on any of the platform images and you will be taken to my page on those websites if you want to take a look.


I hope this finds everyone well and hopeful for a great year and most importantly that you are living your passion! I am super grateful to be able to live mine.



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